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Transcending the Typical

TJ Wies Contracting has consistently remained on the leading edge of implementation of new technology to boost productivity. We continuously seek out new tools, products, equipment, and methods to produce better results in less time, therefore providing better service to our customers.


Estimating and Project Management

Our organization started our relationship with On Center Software over fifteen years ago with the implementation of Quick Bid (QB) estimating software, which was quickly followed by our use of On Screen Takeoff (OST) software. These combined allow us to produce budgets and bids faster, and more importantly, with more accuracy. All of the information produced in the estimating stage can be forwarded to laptops and tablets for our Project Managers and jobsite Foremen to use. TJ Wies was the first company to purchase On Center’s Digital Production Control (DPC) as a member of the Beta test group in its development, and is the only company in our marketplace using DPC. DPC allows our foremen to track production of each estimated phase on a daily basis on their laptop/tablet and compare actual production versus estimated production to see exactly how well their team is performing. The information entered into DPC is also sent digitally to the Project Manager who has a real time picture of each jobs’ performance. These strong tools help us keep our customers’ projects on time and on budget.



Building Information Modeling (BIM)

TJ Wies Contracting was one of the first wall and ceiling contractors in the country to utilize Building Information Modeling. Our estimators’ use of AutoCAD, Revit, and Get the Point software teamed with our foremen’s use of Robotic Total Station layout devices for building layout and prefabricated assemblies, have saved us and our customers thousands of field man-hours. Our use of these tools has allowed us to identify discrepancies in documents and on-site well in advance of work being performed, thereby avoiding actual mistakes being made on-site.


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

We have had the opportunity to participate in over twenty-five LEED projects through the years, including the first LEED Platinum certified project in St. Louis: Alberici Corporation’s world headquarters building. Our Estimators and Project Managers are well versed in the LEED process; their knowledge and experience allow them to bring practical solutions to help meet the project’s LEED requirements.


Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

TJ Wies Contracting was the first wall and ceiling contractor in the Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois market place to be involved in an IPD project. We partnered with the owner, design team, general contractor, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and sprinkler contractors in the design stage to form a true team working to provide the absolute best value to the project. This project was a large and difficult infill addition to an existing operational hospital. The owner decided to implement an overall project budget with construction contingency money also identified. All team members were part of a shared cost savings pool whereby any cost savings below the budget and contingency would be split pro-rata between all team members. Using LEAN Construction principles all team members truly worked as a team and decisions were made in the best interest of the overall project. These team decisions were possible due to the fact that no one had to protect their GMP; all members of the construction team worked under a semi-open book system whereby actual costs and costs-to-complete were updated on a monthly basis, and therefore all parties were aware of the total project cost. Due to the collaborative nature of this unique project, the construction team was able to save the owner millions of dollars and provide a beautiful new addition months ahead of schedule.



Prefabricated exterior wall systems have been around for over thirty years. We have had this capability since day one, but new technology in equipment and software has allowed us to progress even further. We have the in-house ability to prefabricate gypsum shapes such as corners, soffits, and radius pieces using our gypsum milling machines. We are continuously looking for opportunities to prefabricate assemblies in our shop and/or on the jobsite, saving waste and time on the project schedule, and therefore money. In the recent past, we have teamed with other sub-contractors to prefabricate hundreds of bathroom pods that were fully completed and finished in a shop setting and then shipped to the jobsite where we installed the completed assembly.


TJ Wies Contracting’s investment in new technology and commitment to being on the cutting edge puts us leaps ahead of our competition – contact us in the early stages of project cycle and ask us how we can contribute to your next project.